European Coaster Club Constitution

1. The European Coaster Club is referred to throughout as the ‘Club’.

2. The object of the Club is to ride and enjoy roller coasters and other rides.

3. The Club may borrow or raise money or accept gifts for the objects of the Club on such terms and on such security as shall be deemed necessary.
4. The Club may raise funds and invite and receive contributions and subscriptions.
5. The Club may invest the monies of the Club not immediately required for its objects in investments, securities or property.
6. The financial year shall commence on 1st January and run to 31st December.

7. Membership of the Club shall be open to any individual or business, with the exception of those previously disqualified by the Executive Committee from Club membership. There is no other restriction on joining. The Executive Committee will define categories of membership.
8. Groups and other interested bodies should be encouraged to be affiliated to the Club.
9. The membership subscription shall be determined by the Executive Committee, and notified in First Drop, giving not less than two months’ notice of the increase. All renewals after this date will be at the new rate. All new subscriptions will be at the rate in force at the date the application is received by the Club. All subscriptions are to be paid by each individual’s date of joining the Club.

10. The management of the Club shall be vested in a committee known as the ‘Executive Committee’, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Executive’. The chairman will maintain a register of voting team members, available to members of the club to inspect.
11. The Executive may make regulations for the management of the Club and for the conduct of its business, including:a. (i) the calling of meetings;
b. (ii) methods of making decisions in order to deal with cases of urgency when a meeting is impractical;
c. (iii) the deposit of money at a bank;
d. (iv) the keeping and authenticating of records.
12. The Executive must:
a. (i) keep accounting records for the Club;
b. (ii) prepare annual statements of account for the Club;
c. (iii) arrange independent examination of the statements of account of the Club

13. Any bank or building society account in which any of the funds of the Club are deposited must be operated by the Executive and held in the name of the Club.
14. The Treasurer must monitor cash flows and ensure adequate controls are present.
15. The Executive must hold at least one ordinary meeting per year.
16. Additional ordinary meetings may also be called at any time by the person elected to chair meetings of the Executive or by any two Executive
members. Not less than ten days’ clear notice must be given to the other Executive members, and not less than one third of the Executive members shall form a quorum.
17. The Executive must elect one member to chair meetings. No business shall be conducted at a meeting of the Executive unless at least one third of the Executive members at the time are present throughout the meeting.
18. At meetings, decisions must be made by a majority of the Executive members present and voting. The person chairing the meeting shall have a
casting vote whether or not he or she has voted previously on the same question. No Executive member in any other circumstances shall have more than one vote.
19. The Executive must keep minutes of the proceedings at their meetings, in books kept for the purpose or by such other means as the Executive
decides. In the minutes the Executive must record their decisions and, where appropriate, the reasons for those decisions.
20. Executive members shall be selected as and when required by being proposed and seconded by two Executive members, subject to approval by at least three-quarters of existing Executive members.
21. Executive members must resign if at least three quarters of the remaining Executive members request them to do so.
22. The Executive shall frame its policy to interpret the objects of the Club and do its utmost to promote, arrange and manage such events within its powers.
23. The Executive shall have power to co-opt additional persons to assist in the administration of club matters; those persons hereinafter referred to as ‘Team Members’. Team Members shall not have a voting right on the Executive, and the chairman will maintain a register of any Team Members, also available to members of the club to inspect.
24. The Executive may appoint working groups with power to co-opt, to whom such functions may be delegated, as the Executive may consider desirable. The majority of such working groups are to be made up of Executive members. For any and all actions such working groups must report back to the Executive as soon as possible.
25. The Executive may suspend or expel any member of the Club if they deem such action desirable in the interests of the Club, subject to the right of appeal in writing to the Chairman by the member concerned. Rewards and privileges for supporting the running of the Club
26. Executive members are entitled to have reasonable expenses for attending the Annual Club Meeting (ACM) met from Club funds. Co-opted Team Members, however, will not be reimbursed for costs in attending the ACM.
27.A list of privileges for Executive members and Team Members is appended to this Constitution at paragraph 40.

28. The Executive members take no liability for the members of the Club.
29. The payment of registration fees by, for, or on behalf of participants releases and hold harmless the European Coaster Club and its representatives from any and all liabilities related to those activities. Equipment and other Possessions of the Club
30. The Club shall purchase items of equipment or possessions for use of its members. The use of those items will be strictly supervised by the Executive, who will have the power to take any action deemed necessary as a result of misuse or damage of the above.

31. The Executive may create, by action of a majority vote, an operating branch
of the club, with the primary purpose of managing club trips in other countries or economic areas.
32. Any branch will be chaired by a current Executive member of the European Coaster Club.
33. The Executive will, by action of a majority vote, approve the branch team members put forth by the branch Chairman. Subsequent changes to the branch team will be in accordance with the branch constitution.
34. The Executive will agree by action of a majority vote the terms of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) under which the branch will operate. This SLA can be amended using the procedures set forth in paragraph 38.
35. The Executive will, by action of a majority vote, agree the terms in the Branch Constitution by which it is bound to act. Subsequent changes will be in accordance to the requirements of the Branch Constitution.
36. A branch may dissolve itself as per paragraph 39.
37. The Executive may dissolve a branch with a 75% majority vote.

38. Alteration to this constitution and any service level agreements with branches must receive the assent of two thirds of the Executive members
either present at a meeting called for this purpose, or by Email/Forum vote. The chairman of the Club must receive any resolution (in writing or by
Email) for the alteration of the Constitution or service level agreement at least 21 days before the meeting or Email/Forum vote at which the resolution is to be brought forward. At least 14 days’ notice of such a meeting or Email/Forum vote must be given to the Executive and must include notice of the alteration(s) proposed.

39. The Club may be dissolved if all Executive members resign, and there are no replacement members willing to take on the Executive duties of the Club
within sixty days of the resignations. Requests for volunteers must be given through Email/Forum listing requests, and/or by notification in First Drop. The Executive, before disbanding, may give instructions for the disposal of any assets held by or in the name of the Club, provided that if any property remains after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities such property shall not be paid or distributed among the members of the Club, but shall be given or transferred to such other institution or institutions having similar to some or all of the objects of the Club, or to some other charitable purpose.

40.A list of privileges for Executive members and Team Members is listed below and forms part of this Constitution:
a. Trips
i. The Club Founder, to reflect continual significant on-going investment into the Club, receives 100% off trips
ii. The Trip Organiser (the person planning the trip) receives 50% off
iii. The Trip Leader (the person running the trip) receives 50% off
iv. In the event that the Organiser and the Leader is the same person, they receive 100% off
v. Executive Committee receive 25% off
vi. Team Members receive 10% off
b. Membership
i. All Executive Committee and Team Members receive complimentary membership of the ECC

Rules for Members

1. Subscription entitles a member to receive the Club magazine (First Drop) for six consecutive issues. The Team may extend but not reduce the number of issues. In order to continue to receive the magazine, re-subscription is required.
2. Subscription entitles a member to receive details and participate in Club trips and activities, subject to restrictions on the number of places available.
3. Subscription entitles a member to make use of any park offers open to members whilst a valid membership is in place.
4. If subscriptions are not renewed at the time the next issue of First Drop is published, then membership will be terminated.
5. If a cheque for subscription is returned or rejected then membership is suspended. To be re-instituted, payment must be made in full and funds cleared.
6. All members must join the club. It is not possible to solely join, or transfer to, a branch of the club.

7. Where trips are oversubscribed, a draw will take place of all those who have applied by the application date and members will be informed. Executive and Team Members will take preference over Club members, and Club members will take preference over non-member applications. Any applicants who are unable to attend a trip due to over subscription will have any deposit returned. If a place should become available on an over- subscribed trip, then a waiting list system will be used to fill the space.
8. The Executive will estimate the costs in organising a trip and offer members the chance to partake in the trip at a price they deem appropriate.
9. If there is an excess of funds collected for the trip once the trip is concluded and all invoices related to the execution of the trip settled, any excess will be credited to the reserve of the Club and disposed of at the discretion of the Executive, to the benefit of all Club members, not necessarily only the members who paid funds for the trip. No refund of excess funds will be made to members.
10.If there is a shortfall in funds for a trip, the Club may meet the shortfall from the Club reserve.
11. The Executive has the right to cancel a trip at any time due to circumstances beyond its control, e.g. lack of interest makes it non-viable
financially or large changes in costs or exchange rates. The Executive will endeavour to refund any monies paid by members for the trip at such a time. Where possible the Club will meet any associated cancellation charges from Club reserves.
12. The Club accepts no liability for individuals. Individuals must provide their own travel insurance for all trips and excursions. Conduct as Club Members
13. Members must observe the rules of parks and/or attractions at all times especially those relating to safety. Any member caught breaking any laws in a park may be disqualified from membership of the Club.
14. Any member seen to be acting in a way that may harm or cause injury to other members, park employees or the public, will receive one verbal warning from an Executive member with, if possible, one witness present.
15. The Club will not tolerate bad behaviour, alcohol or drug abuse, any form of harassment or discrimination, wilful property damage or bodily harm. Any instances of these will result in one verbal warning from an Executive member with, if possible, one witness present.
16. A second warning under paragraphs 14 or 15 may lead to eviction from a trip, and/or from the Club.
17. In the event that a member is expelled from a trip, it is up to the individual, at their own expense, to make their own way home.
18. If an Exclusive Ride Session (ERS) organised by the Club is cancelled, the Club will endeavour to find an alternative. If this is not possible, no monies will be refunded to members.
19. Parks may organise special events for members such as lift hill walks and maintenance tours. These are voluntary, and the Club accepts no liability for members.
20. At no time may members take it upon themselves to walk lift hills, or do any other activity outside what is normally expected on the ride or attraction that may endanger other members, public or park staff without the express permission of park staff and the Club trip organisers.
21. During trips to the park, all members must abide by park rules with regard to filming or taking photos on rides. If the a park has a ‘no camera’ policy, that decision is final, and any members found filming by the park, will have to accept the park’s decision. During an ERS the organisers will endeavour wherever possible to gain the park’s or ride operatives’ permission to take cameras on the ride. However, if the park says no, then that decision is final, and any members caught flouting the rule will be asked to either stop filming, or stop participating in the ERS.

22. Any queries regarding the Club may be directed to the Chairman. Any queries not dealt with due to the absence of the Chairman, may be directed to other Executive members. Any member excluded from a trip has the right to appeal only after their return home, or after a trip has ended. In the case of any such disputes, the Chairman’s decision is final. Under no circumstances will the Club give a refund of travel costs.