Join The Ride!

When you join the European Coaster Club you become part of a group of more than two thousand others, all of whom share your enjoyment of roller coasters and amusement parks, no matter where in the world they are.

A European Coaster Club membership runs for six issues of the Club’s member magazine First Drop (normally around two years, with copies arriving approximately every four months). Along with First Drop your membership gives you access to trip invites, theme park discounts and our online community pages.

Please select your required membership from those linked below. There is no difference in benefits between the different options but the prices reflect the different costs involved in sending out First Drop Magazine and membership credentials.

Family Membership

You can add an additional family member to your club membership for just £3.00 per person. Family Members enjoy the same benefits and club access as individuals but won’t receive their own copy of First Drop Magazine.

Looking to Renew?

If you’re ready for a reride then visit our renewal portal here.