Membership of the Club offers more than just First Drop. We organise many trips a year to do what we love – ride roller coasters! Coming on trips is an easy way of being able to visit a number of theme parks in a short space of time, and there’s nothing to beat the atmosphere of an ECC trip. In the words of a member “rides with the ECC seem to last twice as long!”

Trips are very friendly, and the greatest benefit is spending time with like-minded people, all there to have fun, and ride the best coasters in the world. Typically a trip will feature at least one ERS (Exclusive Ride Session), where we are allowed to take over a ride for a set period of time before or after the park is open, and there is always a terrific atmosphere during these sessions. Lunch is sometimes included, as well as unannounced surprises. In the past these have included extra ERS’s, behind the scenes tours, and even surprise park visits!

Upcoming Trips

Emerald Park

27th – 28th July
Emerald Park, Ireland

Welsh Weekender

16th – 18th August

Folly Farm & Oakwood

Watch This Space

To Be Announced

Details Coming Soon

Other Trips

We are always working on trips to parks all over the world. You’ll be able to find out about them right here, including details of future trips that we are working on. If you think you can help, or can suggest parks that we should visit, then please do get in touch.