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Issues 21 – 30

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Issue 21

November 1993.  20 pages

  • Construction reports on Nemesis (Alton Towers), Shockwave (Drayton Manor) and The Big One (BPB).
  • UK park and coaster guide listing more than 50 parks.
  • Horwood Coastering. Coaster closures.
  • Belgian parks guide.
  • Report on the Toboggan at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach in England.
  • Half a page of News.

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Issue 22

February 1994.  28 pages

  • Three major steel coasters being built in the UK.
  • Construction report on Shockwave (Drayton Manor), The Big One (BPB), Nemesis (Alton Towers) & Batman (Six Flags Magic Mountain Mountain).
  • Half a page of Park Remark.
  • Jean-Marc talks to Christan Slater about the film True Romance.
  • Comments on the “Pepsi Max – The Big One” name.
  • Cedar Point announces Raptor, the biggest B&M Inverter.
  • IAAPA Expo report.
  • Busch Gardens Tampa’s Kumba report.
  • Two and a half pages of News.

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Issue 23

April 1994.  28 pages (+2 page Top Up insert)

  • US Trip Special.
  • One page of Park Remark.
  • Construction report on the Comet (The Great Escape), The Big One (BPB) & Raptor (Cedar Point).
  • Horwood Coastering – out of season.
  • Reports on Shockwave (Drayton Manor) & Nemesis (Alton Towers).
  • One page of News.

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Issue 24

June 1994.  36 pages.  A special colour cover to mark the opening of The Big One.

  • Blackpool trip report.
  • Big One construction photo diary.
  • Interview with Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Geoffrey Thompson.
  • Mexico’s Serpiente de Fuego nears end of rebuild.
  • Jean-Marc looks at Le Vol D’Icare at Astérix in France.
  • German fair feature.  Includes Thriller and Magic Mountain reports. Plus a chat with Oscar Bruch Jr.
  • Gulliver’s World wooden coaster back on.
  • A report on the news that Flambards is to build a steel coaster.
  • Survey results.
  • Coaster marathon.
  • Horwood Coastering. Coaster names.
  • Reports on Raptor (Cedar Point) & Hurler (Carowinds).
  • Three pages of news.

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Issue 25

December 1994.  44 pages

  • Two pages of Park Remark.
  • Construction report on Antelope (Gulliver’s World) & Dragon Khan (Port Aventura).
  • Horwood Coastering. Something old – something new.
  • The history of the Walibi group.
  • An article on coaster physics… sort of.
  • Archive. The Whirlwind Racer at Dreamland in England.
  • Walking the Grand National track.
  • Warner Bros. Movie World in Germany’s construction announced.
  • A small article on the history of Vekoma.
  • Jean-Marc Toussaint visits the Düsseldorf Fair.
  • Batman, Top Gun and Nemesis compared.
  • Dutch park guide.
  • Gold Reef City park in South Africa.
  • Five pages of reports on Nemesis, Shockwave and The Big One.
  • Report on Tower of Terror (Disney MGM), Motion Master (American Adventure), Desperado (Buffalo Bill’s), Rocket Seat (Pleasureland) & El Condor (Walibi Flevo).
  • Two pages of news.

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Issue 26

July 1995.  36 pages

  • Two and a half pages of Park Remark.
  • Construction reports on Antelope (Gulliver’s World), Mister Twister 2 (Elitch Gardens) & Hornet (Flambards).
  • Oakwood announce they are to build a wooden coaster.
  • Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris in France is complete.
  • Reports on some lesser known parks in North America.  Including: Carowinds, Lakemont, Waldameer, Dutch Wonderland, Seabreeze, Fantasy Island, Marineland, Williams Grove, Whalom Park, Lake Winnepesaukah, Ghost Town in the Sky and Riverside.
  • A coaster trip through Denmark and Sweden from Germany.
  • An article on what exactly are “negative g’s.”
  • Horwood Coastering. Model building.
  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach to open during the winter.
  • A preview of what to expect at Port Aventura in Spain.
  • 1995 Park opening dates.
  • Four pages of news.

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Issue 27

September 1995.  56 pages (+4 page top up including the first run of Antelope)

  • Two pages of Park Remark.
  • Construction update on Megafobia (Oakwood), EuroStar at Giovanola, Fantasy Island & Antelope (Gulliver’s World).
  • Oktoberfest – the German Super Fair.
  • A large report on Port Aventura in Spain.
  • Togo’s prototype coaster.
  • Horwood Coastering.  Ten coaster gripes.
  • Interview with Tim Delaney, Space Mountain’s designer.
  • 1994 Survey results.
  • A report on a coaster lecture given by Dr. John Roberts.
  • German Park Guide.
  • Report on Raven (Holiday World), Top Gun (Canada’s Wonderland), Hornet (Flambards) & King (French fairs).
  • Three pages of news.

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Issue 28/29

December 1996.  76 pages (double issue)

  • Five pages of Park Remark.
  • Construction reports on Superman the Escape (Six Flags Magic Mountain), Wild Thing (Valleyfair!), Mantis (Cedar Point), Stratosphere Tower (Las Vegas), Montu (Busch Gardens Tampa) & Wildcat (Hersheypark).
  • Report on a coaster book for children that is riddled with errors.
  • An article on Hang Over at Liseberg in Sweden.
  • Plans revealed for a Warner Bros. park in London, England.
  • Details of the new indoor coaster at Thorpe Park in England are revealed.
  • Large feature on Megafobia at Oakwood in Wales. Includes full construction reports, and first ride report.
  • Horwood Coastering. Michael’s 10 favourite coaster topics.
  • Coaster “magic numbers” by John Wardley.
  • UK park opening dates and times.
  • What is the world’s most filmed coaster?
  • Report from the IAAPA Expo 1995.
  • Further report from the European Interschau show in 1996. Anton Schwarzkopf was in attendance.
  • Port Aventura’s wooden racer, full plans.
  • A feature on Stricker’s Grove in Ohio, featuring an interview with its owner Ralph Stricker.
  • Park Report on Port Aventura in Spain.
  • Ride Reports on Antelope (Gulliver’s World), EuroStar (German fairs) & Space Mountain (Disneyland Paris).
  • Three pages of news.


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Issue 30

February 1996.  40 pages

  • Cover features Megafobia at Oakwood.
  • Three and half pages of Park Remark.
  • Construction reports on Superman the Escape (Six Flags Magic Mountain), Stampida (Port Aventura) & X:\No Way Out (Thorpe Park).
  • Horwood Coastering. Michael looks at the value of surveys.
  • Megafobia officially opens.
  • A behind the scenes look at Temple of Peril at Disneyland Paris.
  • Ride reports on Megafobia (Oakwood), Wildcat (Hersheypark), Mantis (Cedar Point), Wild Thing (Valleyfair!), Montu (Busch Gardens Tampa), Wild Izzy (Busch Gardens Williamsburg) & Drop Zone (Paramount’s Great America).
  • Three pages of news.


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