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Issues 31 – 40


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Issue 31

August 1996.  40 pages

  • Cover commemorates Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s 100 years.
  • Three pages of Park Remark.
  • Construction report on Tonnerre de Zeus (Parc Astérix).
  • A couple of Welsh parks worth visiting along with Oakwood.
  • An article on the re-opening of Dreamland in Margate.
  • A profile of Heide Park in Germany.
  • The Blackpool Pleasure Beach 100th year celebration, including:
    The Big Dipper’s life story, the Sir Hiram Maxim Flying Machine’s life story, three coasters that no longer operate there
    Members’ memories from over the years and a whole lot more.
  • Horwood Coastering. Michael reports on his recent trip through the UK.
  • Reports on the Sky Coaster (Blackpool’s South Pier), Lethal Weapon (Warner Bros. Movie World), X:/No Way Out (Thorpe Park), The Great White (Morey’s Piers) & Outer Limits (Kings Dominion).
  • Four page of news.


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Issue 32

November 1996.  40 pages

  • Cover features the IAAPA Expo.
  • Two pages of Park Remark.
  • An odd day at Oakwood, including the first nude photo in First Drop!
  • Construction reports on Stampida and Tomahawk (PortAventura) & Tonnerre de Zeus (Parc Astérix).
  • Article on Fujiyama, the world’s tallest coaster at Fuji-Q in Japan.
  • Large IAAPA Expo report.
  • An interview with Disney Imagineer Tony Baxter, who talks about the amazing Indiana Jones Adventure ride at Disneyland.
  • Fantasy Island plans for a large looping coaster.
  • A profile on Liseberg in Sweden.
  • A report on Thunder Looper’s last day at Alton Towers in England.
  • Article comparing the original Freefall, the Giant Drop and a Space Shot.
  • Horwood Coastering. Michael’s coaster year in the States. Part 1 of 2.
  • Report on Superman The Escape (Six Flags Magic Mountain).
  • Three and a half pages of news.

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Issue 33

December 1996.  40 pages

  • Cover has an eastern design.
  • Two pages of Park Remark.
  • A new set of plans for Battersea Power Station in England.
  • List of coasters opening in 1997.
  • Large Scottish fair sees features a German travelling coaster.
  • 1997 opening dates for parks in Europe.
  • Construction report on Tonnerre de Zeus (Parc Astérix).
  • Article on Steel Stella, a scaffolding and wood coaster in Clacton, England.
  • Horwood Coastering. Michael’s coaster year in the States. Part 2.
  • What is a coaster?
  • A large feature on “out of the way” parks, including:
    Beijing Amusement Park, Lenin Park, Suva Park, Lotte World,
    Seoul Land, Lotte World Sky Plaza, Expoworld, Himeji Central Park,
    Rakutenchi, Kijima Park, Fujikyu Highlands, Expoland, Yomiuriland,
    Portopialand Kure, Korakuen, Spaceworld, Sommarland,
    Nara Dreamland, Nagashima Spaland, Disneyland Tokyo,
    Gotemba Family Land, Nihon How Land, Hakkeijima Sea Paradise,
    Mitsui Greenland.
    Also includes tips for getting to some of the parks.
  • Four and a half pages of news.

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Issue 34

February 1997.  40 pages

  • Cover features Tonnerre de Zeus at Parc Astérix.
  • Construction report on SW4 (Oblivion) at Alton Towers in England.
  • A new first drop is added to The Big One at BPB in England.
  • A look at Tower of Terror at Dreamworld in Australia.
  • John Wardley talks about the now complete Stampida and Tomahawk.
  • Construction reports on Oblivion (Alton Towers), Great White (SeaWorld San Antonio), Roadrunner Express (Six Flags Fiesta Texas), Windjammer (Knott’s Berry Farm), Chang (Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom) & Runaway (Rotunda).
  • A report on the large Foire du Trone fair in Paris.
  • An article on the Reverchon Spinning Wild Mouse.
  • Superman The Escape at SFMM in California re-opens with a boost.
  • Horwood Coastering.  Michael looks at the coasters in Nevada.
  • Reports on Tonnerre de Zeus (Parc Astérix) & Fujiyama (Fujikyu).
  • Four pages of news.

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Issue 35

April 1997.  40 pages

  • Cover features Stampida at PortAventura.
  • First report about Islands of Adventure in Florida being built.
  • A report on two parks in Japan.
  • An article looking at parks in Australia and New Zealand.
  • A large feature on three Spanish Parks.
  • Skytrak, the first Flying Coaster at Granada Studios in England is ready.
  • Horwood Coastering.
  • Reports on Batman & Robin (Six Flags Great Adventure), Euro-Mir (Europa Park), Steel Force (Dorney Park), Wild Mouse (Flamingo Land), Stampida (PortAventura), Playstation – the ride (Blackpool Pleasure Beach) & Alpengeist (Busch Gardens Williamsburg).
  • Five pages of news.

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Issue 36

July 1997.  40 pages

  • Cover ties into an article on New England parks.
  • Construction reports on Volcano (Kings Dominion) & SW4 (Alton Towers).
  • A feature on the parks of New England, including:
    Lake Compounce, Santa’s Village, Story Land, Funtown USA, Whalom Park, Canobia Lake Park, Quassy Park and Riverside – The Great Escape. An article on plans to build a Six Flags New England. 
  • An article on the rebuilding of a Jumbo Jet that had lain idle for many years.
  • An article concerning Conneaut Lake Park’s reopening.
  • More details are unveiled of Islands of Adventure in Florida.
  • Horwood Coastering.  Space Mountain.
  • Reports on Zeus (Big Chief’s), Chang (Kentucky Kingdom), Runaway (Rotunda) & Tomahawk (PortAventura).
  • Six pages of news.

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Issue 37

September 1997.  40 pages

  • Cover has a Halloween theme.
  • Four pages of Park Remark.
  • Construction reports on Vogel Rok (Efteling), Valhalla (Blackpool Pleasure Beach), Power Tower (Cedar Point), SW4 (Alton Towers) & Islands of Adventure (Florida).
  • Hersheypark’s new Great Bear coaster announced.
  • M&D’s in Scotland new Pinfari looping coaster announced.
  • A report from the 1997 LIW show in Birmingham, England.
  • A report on Nasu Highland Park in Japan.
  • A report on the Goose Fair, the UK’s largest fair.
  • Halloween special. Includes features on Universal’s parks, Pasaje Del Terror in Barcelona, Halloween at Cedar Point, Knott’s Berry Farm, Disneyland Paris and Spooky World – behind the scenes.
  • Horwood Coastering. Michael looks at Big Chief’s park in Wisconsin.
  • Eight pages of news.

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Issue 38

December 1997.  44 pages

  • Cover features the IAAPA Expo.
  • Construction reports on Shivering Timbers (Michigan’s Adventure), Drop Ride (Trocadero), SW4 (Alton Towers) & Islands of Adventure (Florida).
  • A report on the Hamburg Winter Dom.
  • A report on the Premier buy out of the Walibi Group.
  • An article from the Arrow factory on their new Wild Mouse.
  • A feature on Thriller’s last day of operation in Europe.
  • Disneyland Paris celebrates its fifth anniversary.
  • A profile on Phantasialand in Germany.
  • Model coaster Hamleys in London had in their window over Christmas.
  • Large IAAPA Expo report.
  • Report on Typhoon Sea Coaster (Six Flags America), travelling Huss Shot ‘n Drop (German fairs) & the 300ft Sky Coaster (Old Town).
  • Nine pages of news.

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Issue 39

February 1998.  40 pages

  • Cover features Oblivion at Alton Towers.
  • 11 page feature on Oblivion (SW4). Including an update on the ride. An interview with Glenn Earlam, the Divisional Director of Marketing at Alton Towers. The Internet, how it has “discussed” the new ride. An interview with John Wardley. A ride report.
    A description of the technical aspects of the ride.
  • Construction reports on the Drop Ride (Trocadero), Riddler’s Revenge (Six Flags Magic Mountain), Rampage (Visionland), Taz’s Texas Tornado (Six Flags Astroworld), Roar (Adventure World), Mamba (World’s of Fun) Vogel Rok (Efteling) & Excalibur (Funtown).
  • Article on Premier buying Six Flags.
  • 1998 park opening dates.
  • Large list of Intamin rides under construction in 1998.
  • A report on Scandia Park in California.
  • An article on what happens behind the scenes at Alton Towers in England.
  • A profile on Warner Bros. Movie World in Germany.
  • Horwood Coastering. A round-up of new rides in 1997.
  • Reports on Rattlesnake (Chessington World of Adventures) & Star Trek the Experience (Las Vegas).
  • Five and a half pages of news.

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Issue 40

May 1998.  40 pages

  • Cover features Riddler’s Revenge at Six Flags Magic Mountain.
  • Ten pages of Oblivion opinions.
  • Wild Rides 2 TV programme films Tonnerre de Zeus at Parc Astérix.
  • List of coasters opening in 1998.
  • Construction report on Valhalla (Blackpool Pleasure Beach).
  • An article on Six Flags Magic Mountain.
  • A comparison of the three new B&M Stand Up coasters.
  • 1997 Survey results.
  • Horwood Coastering. Michael finishes his 1997 round-up.
  • Reports on Giant Drop (Gröna Lund), Vogel Rok (Efteling), Drop Ride (Trocadero Centre), Riddler’s Revenge (Six Flags Magic Mountain), Mamba (World’s of Fun) & Mr. Freeze (Six Flags St. Louis).
  • Seven pages of news.


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