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Issues 41 – 50


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Issue 41

August 1998.  40 pages

  • Cover features several new wooden coasters in the US.
  • Mad Cobra, the first LIM powered coaster opens in Japan.
  • Spinning Mouse opens on the South Pier in Blackpool.
  • DisneySea, the new Disney Park due to open in Japan in 2001.
  • Construction update of Islands of Adventure in Florida.
  • Horwood Coastering – The Wild Mouse.
  • Reports on Mad Mouse (Pavilion Amusement Park), Roar (Adventure World), Tornado (M&D’s), Shivering Timbers (Michigan’s Adventure), Spatiale Experience (Nigloland), Excalibur (Funtown Splashtown U.S.A.), Great Bear (Hersheypark), Rampage (Visionland), Fly By Wire (New Zealand), SkyTrak (Granada Studios), Power Tower (Cedar Point), Mr Freeze (Six Flags over Texas), Dragon (Legoland Windsor) & Chiller (Six Flags Great Adventure).
  • Five pages of news.

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Issue 42

November 1998.  40 pages

  • Cover features Monte Makaya at Terra Encantada.
  • Three pages of Park Remark.
  • The new coaster at Tripsdrill in Germany.
  • The new B&M hypercoaster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in Virginia.
  • Construction update of Islands of Adventure in Florida.
  • A report from the new park Terra Encantada in Brazil.
  • An interview with Douglas Trumbull, effects guru and creator of the Back to the Future rides, among others.
  • A feature on Tomorrowland at Disneyland in California.
  • Profile of Walibi Wavre in Belgium.
  • One Shot Shoot Out, Oblivion and Superman compared head to head.
  • Horwood Coastering.  The Texas Cyclone.
  • Reports on Journey to Atlantis (Sea World Orlando), Twisted Sisters (Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom), Volcano – The Blast Coaster (King’s Dominion), Mystery Castle (Phantasialand) & Hallamvasut (Vidam Park).
  • Seven and a half pages of news

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Issue 43

December 1998.  40 pages.  The first issue with a regular colour cover.

  • Cover commemorates the magazine’s 10th anniversary.
  • One page of Park Remark.
  • Knoebels announce they are to rebuild Mr. Twister.
  • List of the all new coasters opening in 1999.
  • Horwood Coastering – looks back at the first ten years.
  • Drayton Manor’s new water ride contract signed.
  • Camelot park’s plans for the future.
  • Scandinavian Park Guide.
  • A feature on ten years of First Drop.
  • New Oblivion Room at the Alton Towers Hotel.
  • What may be the ultimate thrill ride!
  • Some other rides that are also ten years old this year.
  • Views of the last ten years from members of the Amusement industry.
  • Eight pages of news.

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Issue 44

February 1999.  40 pages (+2 page Top Up news insert)

  • Cover features Ghostrider at Knott’s Berry Farm.
  • Schwarzkopf’s Dreier Looping coming to the UK.
  • Andrew “Viper” Barrett finally gets to ride the Viper, the full story!
  • Construction updates on the three new Busch coasters: Apollo’s Chariot (Busch Gardens Williamsburg), Steel Eel (SeaWorld San Antonio) & Gwazi (Busch Gardens Tampa).
  • First ever look at RollerCoaster Tycoon.
  • IAAPA Expo report.
  • Article on Thomas Walker & Sons, the British builder of Switchback Railways.
  • Park Profile on the new Ratanga Junction in South Africa.
  • Construction update of Wild Wild West (Warner Bros. Germany).
  • Horwood Coastering.  Shouldn’t parks invest more in their old rides.
  • Virtual Queues – the end to those lines of misery?
  • Report on GhostRider (Knott’s Berry Farm).
  • Eight pages of news.

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Issue 45

April 1999.  40 pages

  • Cover represents that this is a ride construction issues.
  • Horwood Coastering – Celebrating the new millennium on a coaster.
  • The 1998 survey results.
  • Park Profile on Bobbejaanland in Belgium.
  • Cyclone copy opens at Nara Dreamland in Japan.
  • 1999 park opening times.
  • Article by Lance Hart about his complete fear of tower rides.
  • Construction updates on Roar (Six Flags Marine World), Face/Off (Kings Island), Wild Wild West (Movie World Germany), Tennessee Tornado (Dollywood), Serial Thriller (Six Flags Houston) Twister (Knoebels), Poltergeist (Six Flags Fiesta Texas), Raging Bull (Six Flags Great America), TraumaTizer (Pleasureland), Apollo’s Chariot (Busch Gardens Williamsburg), Gwazi (Busch Gardens Tampa), Silver Comet (Martin’s Fantasy Island), Superman (Six Flags Darien Lake), Top Gun (Carowinds), Leap the Dips (Lakemont) & Joker’s Jinx (Six Flags America).
  • Report on the Incredible Hulk (Islands of Adventure), Steel Eel (SeaWorld San Antonio) & Bounce (Oakwood).
  • Five pages of news.

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Issue 46

July 1999.  60 pages

  • Cover shows pictures from the newly opened Islands of Adventure.
  • One page of Club Corner.
  • Construction updates on Stealth (Great America), Twister (Knoebels), Wild Wild West (Movie World Germany), Superman (Six Flags Darien Lake), Fly (Canada’s Wonderland), Silver Comet (Martin’s Fantasy Island) & Gwazi (Busch Gardens Tampa).
  • The new GCI trains on Roar (Six Flags Marineworld).
  • Archives feature on Scenic Mountain Railways.
  • Article on the rebirth of Leap the Dips at Lakemont Park in Pennsylvania.
  • Article on the saving of Giant Dipper in San Diego, California.
  • A report on Islands of Adventure (Orlando) & Legoland California.
  • Horwood Coastering – exactly what makes a ride a coaster?
  • Reports on the Georgia Scorcher (Six Flags over Georgia), Raging Bull (Six Flags Great America), Millennium Coaster (Fantasy Island) Face/Off (Kings Island), Medusa (Six Flags Great Adventure), Exterminator (Kennywood), Samurai (Chessington WoA), Pirates 4D (Thorpe Park), Test Track (Epcot), Apollo’s Chariot (Busch Gardens Williamsburg), Stormforce 10 (Drayton Manor) & Top Gun (Carowinds).
  • Five pages of news.

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Issue 47

September 1999.  48 pages

  • Cover features Wild Wild West at Warner Bros. Movie World.
  • Three pages of Club Corner.
  • The 1998 survey results.
  • Construction update from Disney’s California Adventure and Twister (Knoebels) & Stealth (Paramount’s Great America).
  • Archives feature on wooden coasters that travelled in the UK.
  • The Santa Cruz Giant Dipper in California reaches the age of 75.
  • Report on Drop Zone (Paramount’s Kings Island), Gwazi (Busch Gardens Tampa), Joker’s Jinx (Six Flags America), Two Face (Six Flags America), Matterhorn Blitz (Europa Park), Wild Wild West (Warner Bros. Movie World), Tennessee Tornado (Dollywood), Silver Comet (Martin’s Fantasy Island), Superman (Six Flags Darien Lake) & Roar (Six Flags Marine World).
  • Five pages of news.

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Issue 48

December 1999.  60 pages

  • Cover features Thriller from a large Anton Schwarzkopf feature.
  • Two and a half pages of Club Corner.
  • Construction updates on Millennium Force (Cedar Point), Son of Beast (Kings Island), Dreier Looping (Flamingo Land), Lightning Racer (Hersheypark) & Boulder Dash (Lake Compounce).
  • Wild Adventures in Georgia opens new selection of rides.
  • Roller Coaster Tycoon update with loads of new rides.
  • Article on Tornado at Parque des Atracciones in Spain.
  • Theme Park World game unveiled.
  • Huge Anton Schwarzkopf feature that includes: An interview, gallery, history, non-coaster rides, full list of park coasters, a full list of travelling rides, ride designs that were not built. Ride profiles on RevolutionTurbineSooperDooperLooper, Shockwave, Bullet, Alpina Bahn, Zambezi Zinger, Nessie, Olympia LoopingWhizzer and the Rat.
  • Horwood Coastering. Michael looks at his favourite “Anton’s.”
  • Report on Batman (Six Flags over Texas), Rock ‘n Roller Coaster (MGM Studios), Tremors (Silverwood), Pyrenees (Parque Espana), Twister (Knoebels), Linear Gale (Korakuen) & Poltergeist (Six Flags Fiesta Texas).
  • Five and a half pages of news.

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Issue 49

February 2000.  48 pages (+4 page Top Up insert including a report on Six Flags arriving in Europe.)

  • Cover features photos from the IAAPA Expo.
  • Two pages of Club Corner.
  • Oktoberfest report.
  • Construction updates on Boulder Dash (Lake Compounce), Millennium Force (Cedar Point), Dreier Looping (Flamingo Land), Anaconda (Gold Reef City), Son of Beast (Kings Island), Medusa (Six Flags Marine World), Goliath (Six Flags Magic Mountain), Legend (Holiday World) & Steel Dragon 2000 from the Morgan factory.
  • A report from Festival Gate, the Japanese theme park and shopping centre.
  • A report on the UK’s large Hull Fair.
  • Enchanted Forest, a small US park with a most unique coaster.
  • IAAPA Expo show report.
  • Horwood Coastering – Report on the 1999 season: part one.
  • Report on the Thrust Air 2000 prototype (S&S factory) & travelling Huss Booster and Fly Away.
  • Eight pages of news.

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Issue 50

February 2000.  56 pages

  • Cover features the construction of Six Flags Holland.
  • Three pages of Club Corner.
  • Construction updates from Six Flags Holland, Six Flags Ohio, Disney’s California Adventure.
  • Construction updates on Katun (Mirabilandia), Speed (Las Vegas), Hurricane (Myrtle Beach Pavilion), Lightning Racer (Hersheypark), Super Saturator (Carowinds), Boulder Dash (Lake Compounce), Son of Beast (Kings Island), Millennium Force (Cedar Point), Medusa (Six Flags Marine World), Poseidon (Europa Park) & Legend (Holiday World).
  • Extensive list of coasters opening in 2000.
  • European Park opening dates and times for 2000.
  • Exclusive first look at Reverchon’s Gliding Coaster.
  • First details of the new wooden coaster at Tusenfryd in Norway.
  • Horwood Coastering. A 1999 review.
  • Report on Goliath (Six Flags Magic Mountain) & Stealth (Paramount’s Great America).
  • Six and a half pages of news.


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