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Issues 51 – 60


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Issue 51

August 2000.  44 pages

  • Cover features Katun, the B&M Inverter at Mirabilandia in Italy.
  • One and a third pages of Club Corner.
  • A large article on the opening of Six Flags Holland.
  • G5, the second B&M Dive Machine, opens at Janfusun in Taiwan.
  • Disney book, Mouse Tales, reviewed.
  • Horwood Coastering – the third part of the 1999 round-up.
  • Construction report on Poseidon (Europa Park) & ThunderCoaster (Tusenfryd).
  • Coaster Works! open first woodie at Race World, and second starts to rise at Grand Prix Race-O-Rama.
  • The Texas Tornado at Frontierland is torn down.
  • Reports on Magnum Force (Flamingo Land), Hurricane (Myrtle Beach Pavilion), Apocalypse (Drayton Manor), Valhalla (Blackpool Pleasure Beach), Katun (Mirabilandia), Cyberspace (German Fairs), re-profiled Jetline (Gröna Lund), King Solomons Mines (Pleasureland) & Millennium Force (Cedar Point).
  • Four pages of news.


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Issue 52

November 2000.  52 pages

  • Cover features a comic theme showing new US coasters.
  • Two pages of Club Corner.
  • Roller Coaster Tycoon – Loopy Landscapes, plus other computer coaster news.
  • Knott’s Berry Farm’s near vertical splash-down ride complete.
  • Six Flags Ohio, full report on the newly revamped park.
  • Construction report on Tornado (Särkänniemi) & ThunderCoaster (Tusenfryd).
  • Horwood Coastering – new year Florida style.
  • Reports on Superman (Darien Lake), Super Saturator (Carowinds), Wild Train (Parc St. Paul), Boss (Six Flags St. Louis), Legend (Holiday World), Steel Dragon 2000 (Nagashima Spa Land), Speed (Sahara in Las Vegas), Medusa (Six Flags Marine World), Boulder Dash (Lake Compounce), Kraken (SeaWorld Orlando), Superman (Six Flags New England), Son of Beast (Kings Island) & Lightning Racer (Hersheypark).
  • Five pages of news.

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Issue 53/54

December 2000.  88 pages (double issue)

  • Cover features ThunderCoaster at Tusenfryd.
  • Three and a half pages of Club Corner
  • Construction reports on Talon (Dorney Park), Tornado (Särkänniemi), La Trace du Hourra (Parc Astérix), Colossos (Heide Park), X-Flight (Six Flags Ohio), Vonkaputous (Linnanmaki), Titan (Six Flags over Texas), Discovery Theme Park (Taiwan) & Phantom’s Revenge (Kennywood).
  • A reports on Bonfante Gardens that is set to open soon in California. Six Flags Belgium, with all its planned new rides. Disney’s California Adventure. Six Flags Mexico.
  • Two opposing reports on Terra Mitica.
  • List of all the new coasters for 2001.
  • The Coney Island Thunderbolt remembered.
  • Valhalla re-visited, and what BPB is doing to remedy any problems.
  • Celebrating Megafobia‘s fifth birthday.
  • Articles looking at LIMs and LSMs. Blackpool Big Dipper Marathon. Halloween celebrations in California. History of the Virginia Reel. Model making by someone who works for GCI. John Wardley on the bumpy path that has led to SW5.
  • Announcements of Nitro (Six Flags Great Adventure), Psycho Mouse (Great America) & X (Six Flags Magic Mountain).
  • Horwood Coastering.  Looking at the new for 2000 wooden coasters.
  • Reports on Anaconda (Gold Reef City), Birdmen (Fuji-Q), Poseidon (Europa Park), Hurricane (Dania Beach), ThunderCoaster (Tusenfryd) & Perilous Plunge (Knott’s Berry Farm).
  • Six pages of reports from both the IAAPA show and EuroShow.
  • Six Pages of news.


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Issue 55

February 2001.  52 pages

  • Cover features Colossos (Heide Park).
  • One page of Club Corner.
  • Zamperla’s new Volare takes shape at the factory.
  • Article on Pinfari, plus a factory report on their new inverter, Xpress.
  • Fire at Phantasialand destroys Gebirgsbahn. Exclusive pictures.
  • Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid details and model photos.
  • Report on Six Flags Belgium.
  • Horwood Coastering – the eventful 2000 season.
  • Construction reports on Air (Alton Towers), Colossus (Thorpe Park) & X (Six Flags Magic Mountain).
  • “Diary of a Caveman” – photo report on La Trace du Hourra (Parc Astérix).
  • Reports on Colossos (Heide Park), Titan (Six Flags over Texas), Phantom’s Revenge (Kennywood), Nitro (Six Flags Great Adventure), Vonkaputous (Linnanmaki), Wildfire (Silver Dollar City), Hypersonic XLC (Kings Dominion) & Tornado (Särkänniemi).
  • Four and a half pages of news.

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Issue 56

April 2001.  56 pages

  • Cover features Expedition GeForce (Holiday Park).
  • Three pages of Club Corner.
  • Anton Schwarzkopf remembered.
  • A look at the Shaft of Terror (Gold Reef City).
  • X (Six Flags Magic Mountain) is completed.
  • SilverStar (Europa Park) is announced.
  • Thunder Looper revisited at its new home in Brazil.
  • Construction reports on Colossus (Thorpe Park) & Air (Alton Towers).
  • Horwood Coastering – coaster clubs.
  • Reports on a new version of the Maurer Spinner (German Fairs), ThrillShot (Six Flags Magic Mountain), Déjà vu (Six Flags Magic Mountain), Eraser (Movie World Germany), Rhino Rally (Busch Gardens Tampa), Reverchon’s suspended Mouse (Dutch fairs), Cheetah (Wild Adventures), Rugrats Reptar (Kings Island), XFlight (Six Flags Ohio), Templo del Fuego (PortAventura), Cornball Express (Indiana Beach), Talon (Dorney Park) & Expedition GeForce (Holiday Park).
  • Seven pages of news.

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Issue 57

July 2001.  40 pages (+12 page Top Up including 9 pages from the IAAPA show.)

  • Top Up: Construction report on Wild Wild West in Spain. Two extra pages of news.
  • Cover features Volare, the new Zamperla Flying Coaster.
  • Two pages of Club Corner.
  • Article about a Munich based exhibition on Werner Stengel.
  • Article from the archives about Neptune Beach.
  • Hyper Coaster and hubless Big Wheel for Korakuen in Japan.
  • Articles on two computer coaster products, including No Limits.
  • A feature on the coasters and parks of Thailand.
  • Reports on DisneySea Park & Tobu Zoo – and its wooden coaster Regina – in Japan.
  • Construction reports on DodonPa (Fuji-Q), SilverStar (Europa Park), Air (Alton Towers) & Colossus (Thorpe Park).
  • Horwood Coastering – Michael looks back at 2001.
  • Reports on Sky Rider (Skyline Park) & Zamperla’s Volare prototype at their factory in Italy.
  • Four pages of news.

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Issue 58

September 2001.  48 pages

  • Cover features X (Six Flags Magic Mountain).
  • Three pages of Club Corner.
  • Extensive list of the new for 2002 coasters.
  • Articles about Insane Speed (Janfusun Fancyworld), Gravity Max (Discovery Theme Park) & two Bat Flyer rides in Japan.
  • Gröna Lund announce Vilda Musen that will entwine itself into Jetline.
  • Cyclone moved from Australia’s Luna Park to Dreamworld.
  • Construction reports on Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid, Jubilee Odyssey (Fantasy Island), Superman (Six Flags over Georgia), Colossus (Thorpe Park), Goliath (Six Flags Holland), Silver Star (Europa Park), Air (Alton Towers) & an update from Legoland Germany.
  • Give Kids the World, report on an amusement industry charity.
  • List of European park opening dates, times, and new rides.
  • Horwood Coastering.  Michael wonders if his days of travel are over.
  • Report on X at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California.
  • Seven pages of news.

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Issue 59

December 2001.  52 pages

  • Cover features images from the new Warner Bros. park in Spain.
  • One page of Club Corner.
  • Reports on the new Walt Disney Studios Paris & Warner Bros. Movie World park in Spain
  • Report from Oakwood of Hydro’s pull-through test.
  • Horwood Coastering – Looking back at some old favourites.
  • Reports on new Vampire trains (Chessington WoA), Silver Star (Europa Park), Colossus (Thorpe Park), Superman (Six Flags over Georgia), Goliath (Six Flags Holland), Air (Alton Towers), Wicked Twister (Cedar Point) & Batman: The Dark Knight (Six Flags New England).
  • Four pages of news.

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Issue 60

February 2002.  48 pages

  • Cover is themed around the new rides at Phantasialand.
  • Seven pages of Club Corner.
  • Dreamland’s Scenic Railway made a National Historic Landmark.
  • Follow up report from Warner Bros. Movie World Madrid in Spain.
  • Article on the Coney Island Cyclone, 75 years old this year.
  • Article on Vekoma’s new custom SLC In China.
  • New strange restraints added to Hydro at Oakwood.
  • Custom Coasters go out of business.
  • Horwood Coastering – are B&Ms showing their age?
  • Reports on Wuze Town, River Quest and Feng Ju Palace at Phantasialand in Germany.
  • Reports on Cobra (Admiral Vrungel’s Adventure Park), Roller Soaker (Hersheypark), Xcelerator (Knott’s Berry Farm) & Jubilee Odyssey (Fantasy Island).
  • Eight pages of news.


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