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Issues 81 – 90


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Issue 81

May 2008.  48 pages

  • Cover features Mammut, the all new German woodie at Tripsdrill.
  • Two pages of Club Corner.
  • Coaster Counting; an article on the dreaded disease…
  • Lauri’s Park – Lauri Vartiainen looks back at the first year of operation.
  • Feature on the parks in Kuwait.
  • The tragic story of Wild West World in the US.
  • Michael Horwood reports on his trip to South America.
  • Reports on Suzhou Amusement Land in China & Thomas Land at Drayton Manor.
  • Extensive list of new coasters opening in 2008.
  • Reports on Tower of Terror (Gold Reef City), Mammut (Tripsdrill) & Hollywood Tower (Movieland Studio) which also features a list of all the original Intamin Freefall rides.
  • Eight pages of news.

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Issue 82

October 2008.  52 pages

  • Cover features the Ravine Flyer II, the new woodie at Waldameer.
  • Two pages of Club Corner.
  • Report on the new Nickelodeon area at Movie Park Germany and the new Hard Rock Park.
  • Michael Horwood looks back at Crystal Beach.
  • Reports on Steel Lasso (Frontier City), Pony Express (Knott’s Berry Farm), Ravine Flyer II (Waldameer), Motocoaster (Darien Lake), Steel Hawg (Indiana Beach), Salama (Linnanmäki), T-Express (Everland), Behemoth (Canada’s Wonderland), Lynet (Fårup Sommerland), Piraten (Djurs Sommerland), Fahrenheit (Hersheypark) & Dark Knight (Six Flags Great Adventure).
  • A new line of Club merchandise.
  • Ten pages of news.

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Issue 83

February 2009.  48 pages

  • Cover features Indiana Beach.
  • Four pages of Club Corner.
  • A member writes about building coaster models for ride companies.
  • A weekend trip to Lagoon Park in Utah… from the UK.
  • A report on a mission to ride all the wooden coasters in the US.
  • Members look back at the now closed Corkscrew at Alton Towers.
  • Michael Horwood wonders if some coasters need to hurt so much.
  • An article on losing items on roller coasters.
  • Report on Dive Coaster (Chimelong Park).
  • Eighteen pages of news.

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Issue 84

May 2009.  40 pages.  The first issue that is in full colour.

  • Cover features El Toro, the new woodie at Freizeitpark Plohn.
  • Four pages of Club Corner.
  • A large report from Taiwan, covering: Leofoo Village, Window on China, Farglory Ocean Park, Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, Discovery World and Janfusun Fancyworld.
  • Dreamland update.
  • Extensive “new coasters for 2009” list.
  • Lauri Vartiainen lets us know how the second year went at his park.
  • Michael Horwood looks back at some parks no longer with us.
  • Report on El Toro (Freizeitpark Plohn) & Jet Rescue (Sea World).
  • Twelve pages of news.

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Issue 85

August 2009.  40 pages

  • The cover features Blue Fire, the new coaster at Europa Park.
  • Three pages of Club Corner.
  • Michael Horwood looks at some coaster transport.
  • Reports on two Dutch parks both opening new coasters in 2009.
  • Report on Blue Fire (Europa Park), Prowler (Worlds of Fun), iSpeed (Mirabilandia), Muntanya Russa (Tibidabo), Pilgrims Plunge (Holiday World), Falcon (Duinrell), Cobra (Tivoli Friheden), Insane (Gröna Lund) & Anubis (Plopsaland De Panne).
  • Ten pages of news.

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Issue 86

December 2009.  56 pages

  • A bumper New Year special.
  • Cover features Fireball, the new wooden coaster in China.
  • Three pages of Club Corner.
  • A report on Miragica, a new park in Italy & Happy Valley Shanghai, including coverage of Fireball.
  • Michael Horwood looks back at the Club’s trip to Italy.
  • Report on Tornado (Bakken), Xenox (Swiss fairs), Fluch Von Novgorod (Hansa Park), Diamondback (Kings Island), Mumbo Jumbo (Flamingo Land), Atlantis Adventure (Lotte World), Manta (SeaWorld Orlando), Terminator Salvation at (Six Flags Magic Mountain) & Saw (Thorpe Park).
  • Sixteen pages of news.

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Issue 87

July 2010.  40 pages

  • Cover features Universal Studios Singapore.
  • Two pages of Club Corner.
  • A large report on Universal Studios Singapore.
  • New for 2010 coaster list.
  • Michael Horwood looks back at 2009.
  • Reports on Intimidator 305 (Kings Dominion), Intimidator (Carowinds) & Stingray (Suzhou Giant Wheel Park).
  • Twelve pages of news.

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Issue 88

November 2010.  40 pages

  • Cover features Joris en de Draak at Efteling.
  • Four pages of Club Corner.
  • A large report on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
  • A comprehensive list of Chinese parks.
  • Michael Horwood looks at parks in Spain.
  • Report on Joris en de Draak (Efteling), Thirteen (Alton Towers), & Cobra (Connyland).
  • Fourteen pages of news.

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Issue 89

April 2011.  44 pages

  • Cover features Formula Rossa at Ferrari World.
  • Two pages of Club Corner.
  • An article featuring John Ivers and his two home built coasters.
  • A report on Peppa Pig World at Paultons in England, a large report on Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi and a report on Plopsa Indoor.
  • Michael Horwood looks at parks in China.
  • A extensive article on the history of Thorpe Park.
  • The 24 hour Troy Challenge.
  • Eighteen pages of news.


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Issue 90

September 2011.  40 pages

  • Cover features Raptor (Gardaland) and Krake (Heide Park).
  • Four pages of Club Corner.
  • Lauri Vartiainen updates us on the progress of his park in Finland.
  • Michael Horwood looks at some coasters no longer with us.
  • An extensive list of the new coasters for 2011.
  • A report on the new Adventure World park being built in Poland.
  • Report on Krake (Heide Park), Raptor (Gardaland), Sky Scrapper (World Joyland), Cheetah Hunt (Busch Gardens Tampa) & Van Helsing’s Factory at Movie Park Germany including a look back at their first 15 years of operation.
  • Ten pages of news.


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