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Issues 101 – 107

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Issue 101

February 2017. 84 pages

  • The cover features two new wooden coasters that opened in Europe in 2016.
  • Eight pages of Club Corner.
  • Ride reports on Timber!, Lost Gravity, TaronThe JokerStorm Chaser, Pulsar, Derren Brown’s Ghost Train, Wildfire, Lightning RodThe MonsterDrifting Coaster.
  • 18 Pages of news, covering construction of new 2017 and 2018 rides and parks, including:
    Ferrari Land, Exciting new Vekoma coasters in China, Invadr (Busch Gardens Williamsburg), Construction 2018 at BPB, Two Intamin coasters at Ocean Paradise in China, Alton Towers Woodie, DrageKongen (Djurs Sommerland), Ikaros (Gröna Lund), Star Trek: Operation Enterprise (Movie Park Germany), Europa Park update, Slinky Dog (Disney Studios), The Joker at four new Six Flags parks, Pégase Express (Parc Astérix), Gold Rush (Slagharen), Maurer’s new powered coaster at Skyline Park, Mystic Timbers (Kings Island), Loke and Valkyria (Liseberg), Wave Breaker (SeaWorld San Antonio), New park OWA in Alabama, Oakwood’s new coaster, Fireball (Furuvik), Mine Blower (Fun Spot Kissimmee), Two new coasters at Ferrari World, Electric Eel (SeaWorld San Diego) & Casino Pier’s new coaster starts to rise.


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Issue 102

February 2018.  56 pages.

  • The cover features Geoffrey and Amanda Thompson.
  • Four pages of Club Corner.
  • Off The Beaten Track really does head that way, visiting Turkmenistan.
  • A 12 page interview with Amanda Thompson that took place before the removal of the Wild Mouse.
  • Michael Horwood reports on a large amount of new Alpine Coasters in the US.
  • Parks of the UAE. On the back of our recent trip to the region, we report on seven parks, plus look at what the future holds.
  • Ferrari Land – report on the new addition to PortAventura in Spain.
  • 14 Pages of news that lists all the new coasters opening in 2018, plus a large amount that are opening after 2018. Some you may know, some you may not…

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Issue 103

July 2018.  56 pages.

  • The cover features Heidi The Ride.
  • Six pages of Club Corner.
  • Off The Beaten visits Cuba.
  • Michael Horwood reports on his extensive trip around Europe.
  • Ride Reports on Joker (Six Flags New England), Mako (SeaWorld Orlando), Flying Dinosaur (Universal Studios Japan), Mystic Timbers (Kings Island), Wave Breaker (SeaWorld San Antonio), Heidi the Ride (Plopsaland), Voglwuide Sepp (Rodel – Und Freizeitparadies) & DrageKongen (Djurs Sommerland)
  • Feature on the amazing Daidarasaurus that originally had five tracks.
  • Eight Pages of news that finishes the list of new coasters opening in 2018, plus a large amount that are opening after 2018.

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Issue 104

December 2018.  64 pages.

  • The cover features Wicker Man, the new wooden coaster at Alton Towers.
  • Ten pages of Club Corner.
  • Michael Horwood reports on some annoying park issues.
  • Ride Reports on GaleForce (Playland’s Castaway Cove), Star Trek: Operation Enterprise (Movie Park Germany), Icon (Blackpool Pleasure Beach), Tantrum (Darien Lake), Wicker Man (Alton Towers), Gold Rush (Attractiepark Slagharen), Pioneer (OK Corral), Speed Rockets (Jardin d’Acclimatation) & DC Rivals HyperCoaster (Warner Bros. Movie World).
  • Fourteen Pages of news including a list all the new coasters opening in 2019, plus some news from the IAAPA Expo.

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Issue 105

July 2019.  80 pages.

  • The cover features Wood Express, the new wooden coaster at Parc Saint Paul.
  • Four pages of Club Corner.
  • Michael Horwood looks at some of the odder items of merchandise parks have produced.
  • Ride reports on Lech Coaster (Legendia), 
  • Ride Report – Yukon Quad (Le Pal), Slinky Dog Dash (Disney’s Hollywood Studios), Pégase Express (Parc Astérix), Fenix (Toverland), Steel Vengeance (Cedar Point), Tiki-Waka (Walibi Belgium), Hyperion (Energylandia), Wood Express (Parc Saint Paul), Hyper Coaster (Land of Legends) & Time Traveler (Silver Dollar City).
  • Park Report – Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi.
  • George Greenway tells us about how he managed to reach a record breaking 3,000 coasters ridden.
  • Ten pages of news.

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Issue 106

October 2020.  68 pages.

  • The cover features Wonderland Eurasia, the “interesting” new park in Turkey.
  • Ten pages of Club Corner.
  • Michael Horwood tours through Italy
  • Park Report – Majaland in Poland.
  • Ride Report – Fury at Bobbejaanland.
  • Ride Report – Taiga at Linnanmäki.
  • Ride Report – Oscar’s Wacky Taxi at Sesame Place.
  • Ride Report – Hakugei at Nagashima Spaland.
  • Park Report – Wonderland Eurasia, a look at the new park that has had its fair share of problems.
  • History – A new feature looking at coaster and park history, starting with The Wild Cat at Hersheypark.
  • Park Report – Hefei Sunac Land in China.
  • Ride Report – Zadra at Energylandia.
  • Ride Report – Valkyria at Liseberg.
  • Ride Report – Maxx Force at Six Flags Great America.

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Issue 107

February 2021.  76 pages.

  • The cover features F.L.Y. the new Vekoma Flying Coaster at Phantasialand.
  • Seven pages of Club Corner.
  • Michael Horwood tours through Italy
  • Ride Report – Kereta Misteri at Dunia Fantasi.
  • Ride Report – F.L.Y. at Phantasialand.
  • Ride Report – Draken at Gyeongju World.
  • Ride Report – Volldampf at Tripsdrill.
  • Ride Report – Hals-Über-Kopf at Tripsdrill.
  • Self operated Coasters
  • Ride Report – Yukon Striker at Canada’s Wonderland.
  • Ride Report – Vertika at La Recre Des 3 Cures.
  • 36 Pages of news, covering new coasters in 2021 and beyond.