Coaster Clubs

American Coaster Enthusiasts

South germany`s site for hundreds of photo trip reports from worldwide parks, message board & many more

National Amusement Park Historical association
Amusement Park Historical

PARCS PASSION is a french non-profit-making organization of park enthusiasts. We enjoy all parks and all rides. We do trips in Europe and publish a magazine. Some of our members are also ECC members. Pictures and videos are available on the website.

Club of the Italian amusement parks enthusiasts

Port Aventura – UMWEBSITE
The Fan Site of PortAventura, the spanish resort part of Universal Studios.

Rollercoaster Friends
A Belgian club serving a Flemish/Dutch speaking audience

Rollercoaster Friends
Belgian Coasterclub

Western New York Coaster Club
Coaster club with members throughout the US

Coaster Enthusiast Sites

European Coaster Club Recommends:

The definitive online RollerCoaster Database

Coaster Count
Coaster “Credit” Tracking site

Best source of aggregated theme parks news, rumours and gossip


Theme parks world guide.

All the fun of the Fair
UK Travelling fair information

The portal to thrill. Lots of information on parks.

Park guides, forums, meet ups (Lives), videos…the lot!

Disneyland Paris
Unofficial Disneyland Paris Site

Freizeitparkweb Forums
German language Forum

Island Quest
Island Quest provides media and information on all rides and attractions at Fantasy Island

Joyland Books
Great source of books on theme parks

German Language Site – the virtual ride of your life
Pictures, video’s and information of more than 50 European themeparks.

Schwarzkopf Coaster Net
A superb resource for arguably the best coaster engineer of all time.

European Themeparks and Rides

The Coaster Critic’s Blog
A coaster blog featuring one coaster enthusiast’s opinions and experiences.

An independent guide to the UK’s top theme parks

Ultimate Rollercoaster
Site with reviews and news with a US focus

Manufacturers, Model Makers & Designers


Amusement Industry Manufacturers and Suppliers International

Cantilevered Coaster

CMG Models
Ride Modelmakers

Gerstlauer Amusement Rides
Gerstlauer Amusement Rides is a well-known, highly-esteemed German designer and manufacturer of amusement rides – a recognized leader specializing in the fabrication of Roller Coasters, Giant Wheels, Dark Rides, Wooden and Steel Coaster Trains, and Flat Rides. Gerstlauer’s reputation for quality is well known throughout the amusement industry.


International Theme Park Services
Consultancy Services


Maurer Soehne

Producers of Simulator Films

Omega Reality Simulator

Premier Rides

Reverchon Industries

S&S Power

Sally Corp.

Sartori Rides International

The Truly Dangerous Co
produce coaster simulation software, including the Astro Canyon Coaster

Vulkoprin, manufacturer of coaster wheels
Vulkoprin is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of wheels, tyres and rollers.

Werner Stengel

Whitewater West

Zierer Rides

ECC Members |
Richard Bannister’s park and coaster reports.
Adrian Whitcombe’s site, containing 1000+ Coaster Pictures and much more

Frank Van Dams’ website
John Wiencek’s site

Loopy Guy
Bobby Nagy’s site including both real coasters and RCT/NoLimits

Michael Horwood’s homepage
Michael Horwood is a regular contributor to First Drop.

Malcolm’s Blog
Malcolm Marr’s blog including trip reports.

Paul Beesley’s website

Spooky World
Jen O’Rourke’s website for “America’s Horror Theme Park”

Theme Park James
James Salter’s Youtube productions.

UK Rides
Pics & Videos of UK parks, coasters, water / tower / spin / travelling rides & other related features! Run by Colin McWilliam

David’s Youtube channel
David Ellis’s youtube channel that contains the most watched coaster clip in youtube history.

Rollercoaster Software & Games

Build your own coaster

Roller Coaster Tycoon
Official Homepage